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Right Choice Home Inspection takes greate pride in producing quaility reports on every property. I understand that buying a home should be an enjoyable experience, but with the stress of additional costs I want to assure you that having an inspection is worth every dollar.

About Right Choice

My background and experience has led me to understand that safety and quality are the most important aspects of a home inspection. I strongly encourage my customers to accompany me during the inspection. This will give them a chance to ask questions, become familiar with their potential new home, and gives me the opportunity to explain my findings in person.

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At Right Choice Home Inspection we inspect:
  • Foundation
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Roof Covering
  • Attic
  • Ventilation
  • Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Floors and Ceilings
  • Doors and Windows
  • Stairs, Fireplaces, Decks and Patios
  • Interior Plumbing (facuets, water heater, interior pressure and flow)
  • Interior Drainage (sinks, water heater, interior pressure and flow)
  • Electrical Service
  • Electrical Branch Circuits
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Trash Compactor, Ranges, Ovens, Microwaves (fixed) and Vent hoods
  • Garage Door and Automatic Openers
  • Right Choice Home Inspection is a family owned business located in Buda, Texas. I have been in the construction industry since 2005. When choosing Right Choice Home Inspection you will be guaranteed a friendly visit and a complete and accurate inspection.

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    If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at (512) 618-8336 or if you just want to email us, our email address is

    It's important to be there while the inspection takes place. At the time of the inspection, we will go through the inspection in detail and answer any questions you mught have.

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